Ron Devrick

for Danville City Commissioner

The city of Danville desperately needs sound financial management to make our city better and to keep it fiscally solvent without placing an undue tax burden on the citizens. It needs sensible fiscal accountability.

I know finances. I have a degree in accounting and over 45 years of experience across multiple states and municipalities. My experience covers finance, acquisitions benefits, negotiations and loans. I was instrumental in the design and implementation of the accounting system put in place by the Huntsman organization when they purchased the Films Division of Goodyear in 1992 and before retiring from Allison Abrasives, I developed their state-of-the art accounting system.

I was encouraged to run for Danville City Commission by my neighbors, friends and others in this community who feel the same way I do. They asked me to consider running for commissioner to put my experience to work downtown in City Hall. We all want fiscal responsibility and sound fiscal judgment in our city government. I will help achieve that.

Please consider me when casting your vote for Danville City Commissioner November 6th in the General Election.

  • Angela Allen
    Ron Devrick has spent his professional career making sure corporations are fiscally responsible and that financial records are above reproach. We need the type of expertise he will bring to our city government. We need the line-by-line evaluation of our city's financial endeavors he will offer. We need someone who is strong enough to ask the tough questions and well-versed in financial topics to offer better alternatives to the way Danville has been doing the business on behalf of all of us, as citizens. We need accountability. We need Ron's experience, his values, and his strong adherence to ethical standards. We need Ron Devrick as Danville City Commissioner!
    Angela Allen
  • Steve Cline
    Ron Devrick is an intelligent individual who understands complicated financial issues. Ron's accounting experience as cost accountant is what we need in city government... now more than ever.
    Steve Cline
  • George Coomer
    Ron’s past experience in corporate finance, and generous nature are a great blend for Danville City Government. He will be able to address our cities basic needs and services in a fiscally smart manner. Ron is what Danville City Commission needs.
    George Coomer
  • BRIG GEN Howard Hunt Retired
    I ask for your support of Ron Devrick for Danville City Commissioner. The City Commission needs more balance in their approach to budgetary and administrative issues. Ron Devrick will provide that balance by bringing his extensive professional experiences with massively impacting corporate budgets. Ron is a separated veteran who served our country with distinction in the US Navy and he has always shown his patriotism and love of country/state/city.  I know Ron will approach the financial and administrative aspects of city with a deep commitment to being a good steward of the public trust as one of your next Danville City Commissioners. Danville needs a commissioner with Ron’s proved dedication to integrity while providing service beyond standards.
    BRIG GEN Howard Hunt Retired
  • Tom Ellis
      Ron Devrick will bring years of fiscal strength in managing people, projects and complex programs to our Danville City Commission. Few individuals, whether in management or employed as line workers have the skills, experience and calm demeanor that Ron brings as a candidate to our all-important City Commission.
    Tom Ellis

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I welcome the opportunity to discuss your hopes for our fair city and any issues or questions you have about our Danville City Government.
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